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Ibstone Women's Institute was formed on 14 January 1931 at a meeting called by Mrs Bennett.

President:             Mrs E.M. Ames from Blue Hills, Ibstone
Vice-president:     Mrs Margery Glenne Slocook? from Cholsey Farm      
Treasurer:            Mrs Joyce Smith, Fiscote, Ibstone
Secretary:            Miss  M.E. Davis, Ibstone Rectory

The meetings should take place on the 4th Wednesday in the month, in member’s homes

(Parish and Hamlet population = 241)

From our Annual Report for 1931

Number of members 45                                         

Population of village = 172

The Institute contributed 18/- to county and national funds

200 eggs were collected for Watlington Hospital in April

£2.20 was collected toward the village hall in July

All men and women over 60 were treated to supper and entertainment in September.

£4.13 was raised on Poppy Day in November.

In December funds were raised for a social evening for the entire village and also for a xmas tree and party for all the children.

Annual Report for 1932
10/- contribution to Shaftesbury Homes

35/- for the Lifeboats, at an open meeting for all the village

£2 raised for the Village Hall

435 eggs were collected for Watlington Hospital.

A wreath was placed in church for Poppy Day
VCO report on the annual meeting 1933.
‘It was
all most informal. The President, Mrs Ames, dislikes ‘red tape’ and there was no ballot and no annual or financial report’. The committee had been decided by a show of hands at the previous meeting. The VCO reported that in spite of this,
it appeared to be quite an active group with a balance of £7 in the funds.

14 out of 20 members had attended.
The main worry for the group was the Rural Water Supply, which was ‘pretty awful’, and they needed the backing of the WI to get this improved.
There was also a request for a ‘lecturer’ to tell them ‘how to buy and use secondary joints'!

Annual Report for 1935
Number of members 26
1,000 eggs collected for Watlington Hospital.

Annual Report for 1936
Collected 1850 eggs – won the shield ~Group VII scheme.
President: Mrs Porri – Cholsey Grange
Letter: 5th December 1938 (sent to County Office)
"The Institute President and Treasurer are thinking of resigning and no-one will take their place".

17th December 1938
Ten members met at Ibstone House. There was a unanimous vote to suspend the Institute. A cheque for £8 was forwarded to the office. A small group of ladies formed a club and they will look after the WI china.

10th January 1939 AGM of Ibstone WI in school room.
The chairman and vice chairman (of the Bucks Federation are expected to be present as it is expected to close down.
10th February 1939 - letter saying Ibstone was closed.

30th October 1941
Meeting held at 2.30pm.
21 people were present to discuss the question of forming a WI. Mrs. Skimming, the Chairman, and Miss Busby the Secretary, were present.

13th November 1941: Meeting of Ibstone WI held at 2.30pm.
18 ‘Inhabitants of Ibstone’ were present.
VCO Mrs MacDougall took the Chair.
5 New members enrolled
Subscriptions to be paid at the end of the year 1/-

There should be 10 committee members.
Meetings to be held on 1st Thursday each month
Mrs Andrews elected President
Mrs. Skottowe Smith (of Mile House) Vice President

There were 21 members:
Mrs Wheen                   -Litmore Shaw
Mrs.Lindsay Hills          -Mile House
Mrs Watkins                 -Hell Corner Farm
Mrs Seymour Smith      -Sedgemoor Cottage
Mrs Davis                      -Rectory Cottage
Mrs Pitcher                   -Box Cottage
Mrs Walker                   -c/o Mrs Bird Ibstone Common
Mrs White                    - 5 Council Cottages
Mrs Clack                      -Litmore Shaw
Mrs Strawbridge           -Greenwood
Mrs Seligman                -Woodlands Cottage
Miss Winnfield              -Sparepenny  Cottage
Mrs Parker                    -The Cabin
Mrs Harris                     -Sedgemoor Cottage
Mrs Arnold                     -The Cottage, Ibstone House
Mrs Denis Flitney           -The Flat, Ibstone House
Mrs Fuller                       -Ibstone House
Miss MacGregor             -Ibstone House
Mrs Andrews                  -Ibstone House
Mrs Hodges                    -Ibstone House
Miss Pauline Waters       -Ibstone House
Miss Nancy Newton        -Ibstone House
Meetings to be held at Ibstone House

Annual Report 1942
Sub-committee to arrange for parcels and letters to be sent to the adopted prisoner of war.

Annual Report 1943
Sub-committee formed for Whist Drives
Sub-commiee formed for a play in aid of 'Wings for Victory' week
Rosehip collection was made

Annual Report 1944
Activities included issue of Ration Books. Knitting for occupied Europe and a prisoner of war has been ‘adopted’

Annual Report 1945.
25 members – Institute suspended

A letter from Cicily Andrews of Ibstone House dated 8th November tells of everyone leaving the district, illnesses etc and of someone who 'sabotaged the knitting programme' and the annual sports. “She must be edged out of the committee”  and “As we are all fond of her husband and children and indeed, of her, and as it seems to be a case of nervous breakdown superimposed on a Jewish inferiority complex, we are trying to pass it over as quietly as possible”.

A letter (note on a scrap of paper) to Mrs Andrews dated 24 September 1945.
“At the executive committee this morning I was asked to write and congratulate you, on behalf of the County Federation, on the honour of being included in the Nazi Black List. We are only sorry that you were not here this morning, so that the committee could congratulate you personally.”

A letter to Miss Busby 24th ~September 1945
“It was a most kind resolution of the committee to pass, and I thank you for transmitting it. But my husband and I were almost snobbishly annoyed at having our name on the vulgar common list!
We had a special relationship with the Gestapo due to my husband’s courage, not mine. My husband was till 1938 a director of the Berlin Light and Power Company, and from 1933 was tireless in getting Jewish and Liberal employees of his company out of concentration camps”.

She goes on to tell of how refugees would call at their home for help, but one refugee was not genuine and had asked for £50. They felt they were being watched by the Gestapo and spied upon.

24th November 1955 Ibstone WI REFORMED
Meeting at the school on 19th July 1956 -  19 ladies present.

Mrs Bates, Bradbury, Fowler, Grimsdale, Jones, Macnamara, Rutland, Stevens, Thorpe and Miss White are the committee.
Mrs Thorpe – President
Mrs Grimsdale – Treasurer
Mrs Fowler – Secretary
Vice Presidents: Mrs Jones and Mrs Macnamara

Annual Report 1956
Whist Drive made £9 5s profit
33 guests from Fulham came to tea
2 bring and buy sales

by VCO of the Annual Meeting that ‘all is going well’ and ‘Mrs Fowler is a good organizer’.

Annual Report 1957
– ok and continued

Annual Report 1980
32 members
President– Mrs Lawson
Secretary– Kitty Sloan, Holly End, 8 Glebe Cottages
Treasurer– Mrs Cleare
Press Correspondent – Mrs Pat Bewick, Threeways

Interests: Meals on Wheel
WVRS –village representative Mrs Lawon
Margaret Bates – Parish Councillor and School Governor
Gillian Keeble-Elliott – JP
Eileen Lord – Beautician for Red Cross

Annual Report 1981 – Mrs Lawson still President

Annual Report 1982      

Joy Button –President
G. Holmes – Secretary
Pat Bewick – Treasurer
Angie Flint – Press Correspondent

Annual Report 1983 -        

Cheque for £50 sent to BFWI

1983,84 & 85

Mrs Pat Bewick – President (27 members)


Meeting about Motorway Service Area (M40)
Mrs Bewick and Ibstone WI are campaigning  against the proposed site.

Ibstone WI suspended
13th December 1988 – cheque for £143.80 sent to head office.
Closed due to lack of leadership.

15th August 1991 - A letter from Kitty Sloan (Holly End) planning to re-open Ibstone WI.
Meeting at Kitty Sloan’s house on 10th September
Cheque received for £153.80  by treasurer, Carol Edmunds
1st October 1991 Returned Banner and Record Books and 1985 Heritage scrap-book.
February1993 – tablecloth found in carrier bag in a cupboard and returned to Ibstone WI!

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