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Our Resolutions meeting: We voted unanimously for 'Mental Health Matters' after an emotional discussion involving personal experiences to illustrate why it was such an important subject. Then our members took part in a light-hearted quiz to identify different types of biscuit. This was unexpectedly won by Jenny and Penny, who each received a sweet prize.

Our recent 'pop-up' café attracted many visitors (mainly from the village) and raised a much needed £130, despite the dismal weather. Well done to Sian, Caroline, Angie and Anne and others who supported this event with donations of cakes and crafted goods.



Our April speaker was an old friend, Diane Latham who gave us a wonderful talk on how she got into 'sheep herding' with her bearded collie, Harriett. Most shepherds use border collies to shepherd their sheep, but Harriet was found to be a natural at the job and has become something of a novelty at shepherding trials.

We learnt about the different commands used by shepherds to control their dogs and Diane gave us some very amusing anecdotes of when things went wrong, and also when they went right.


Wow, Where will Polly go next?     In March Polly and Richard gave us a fascinating talk about their visit to The Great Wall of China, which they climbed as part of a team raising money for 'Carers UK'. The talk was illustrated by numerous pictures of the wall and the beautiful surrounding countryside. It was fascinating to see how steep some of the climbs were for the intrepid visitors but the views from the top were breathtaking. Polly and Richard were also able to spend some time visiting other places of interest in China, among one of the most famous was The Forbidden City!

We had a memorable evening thanks to Polly and Richard and learned a lot about a country which has, for a long time, been shrouded in mystery.
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Our first meeting of 2018 was held this month (February) and featured Tracey Elizabeth Blaney who gave us a fascinating insight into the milliner's craft. It was thought that millinery originated before the 17th Century The term 'milliner' was first used in mid1500s London, to describe a seller of women's fashion items imported from Milan in Italy, such as ribbons, gloves and finest quality Milan straw.  In later centuries, it came to mean a maker of straw hats and bonnets for women. Head coverings have been often been used for religious reasons throughout the ages and today many women only wear hats for weddings or more formal occasions.

Tracey gave us examples of her craft, explaining the different stages that a hat went through from design to completion. She showed how the crown was blocked and the brim attached to the crown. Then the fun part when feathers and ribbons were attached.

We were given the opportunity to try the different designs she had on display and much fun ensued.

The business part of the meeting was taken up with choosing the resolution which will go forward to the next stage. Because of the snow alert the meeting closed early at 9.15pm.

Next Month we welcome Polly Scott who will be telling us of her adventures in China.

Our meetings for 2018

No meeting

6th February
Tracey Blaney

The Age Old Craft of Millinery

6th March

Polly Scott

A Visit to China

3rd April

Dinah Latham

One Woman and Her Dog

1st May


Beetle Drive / Quiz TBC

5th June

Keith Parry

Maidenhead Air Museum

3rd July

Peggy Verrall

Alice in Wonderland In Everyday Life

7th August

Crown Green Bowls

4th September

Sheila Keating

A Taste of the Galapagos Islands

2nd October

Birthday Dinner

Venue to be confirmed

6th November


4th December


In December our Christmas Party was held at The Fox and we were entertained by a magician who mystified us all with his tricks. 

We had a great response to our popular pop-up café which was open at the Cricket Club on Saturday 28th October. Thank you to everyone who helped either working at the café on the day or by providing lots of wonderful cakes and items for sale.


Please note that Ibstone WI will be meeting at the usual time of 7.30pm. but at The Fox Country Inn instead of at the school as in the past. We look forward to seeing new members at our new venue on 7th November.


Ibstone WI celebrated it's birthday in October with a meal at The Crown, Radnage. Many of our members were able to attend and had a wonderful time. Many thanks to the staff at The Crown for giving us such a great time.


Our speaker was unable to attend our September meeting, but members were entertained with a quiz.


Our August trip was to The Daws Hill Vineyard in Radnage. We took a picnic which we were able to enjoy in the grounds and then had a guided tour of the vineyard, being instructed in the growing of grapes, the picking and pressing of the grapes and the whole bottling process. We were also given a demonstration in putting corks in bottles! Then came the tasting......! A great day out enjoyed by us all. Many thanks to Sian for organising the trip.


The ladies from Ibstone WI again manned the ever popular tea tent at Ibstone Horticultural Show. They were so successful that all the cakes and biscuits on offer were sold by 4.30pm. Well done to all the volunteers who worked so hard and to everyone who donated the wonderful fare on offer.


July's speaker gave a fascinating talk about the history of the fight for the Cookham Commons. He talked about how the commons came about from the time of the Doomsday Book up until recent times. It made us realise the importance of the commons to the people who live in the village of Cookham and we will certainly be thinking of this next time we pass through.


Authoress Dinah Latham visited Ibstone WI yesterday evening and talked to us about her book which really came about after she retired and took on a bearded collie. During the many walks with her dog, she reminisced about her life and the career choices she made. She trained as a district nurse/midwife and had many tales to tell about her patients. Harriett, her lovely dog, came too as she was the reason that Dinah started writing. A wonderful evening and a great opportunity to meet an author and find out about some of the trials and tribulations of getting a book published. Many of us bought a copy of her book 'Walking forwards, looking back'. A very memorable evening.

Last Tuesday, several members visited Jean Young's garden in Ellesborough. The garden is part of the National Garden Scheme. We all thought the garden was amazing, many twist and turns leading us to different vistas some with a seating area. The planting incorporated many interesting plants, many of which we had not seen before and left us puzzling over names.

After walking around and admiring the lovely garden, we were treated to a fabulous tea by Jean and her friend Elizabeth.


Ikebana comes to Ibstone WI

Ibstone WI were enthralled by the talk on the Japanese art of flower arranging, Ikebana. We were given a wonderful demonstration of this fascinating art and came away inspired. Using only a few flowers and accessories, Mrs Young demonstrated some beautiful arrangements.


Lacey's Farm

At our last meeting, William Lacey gave us an insight into the trials of running a farm. He helps run our local farm, Lacey's,  and is responsible for the livestock and the general running of the farm. The farm shop is a new addition and most of the produce is home produced. Their sausages are legendary!

Visit Lacey's Farm next Sunday 4th June when it is Open Farm Sunday and see for yourself a working farm.



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